FRIDAY, March 18, 2016
2:00 - 4:30 PM


Outside Steinberg-Dietrich Hall Lecture Room 351

Special Panel: Language Universals

Moderator: Mark Liberman

Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Lecture Room 351

2:30 PM

Mark Liberman

University of Pennsylvania,
Department of Linguistics


2:45 PM

Norbert Hornstein

University of Maryland,
Department of Linguistics

Decomposing Merge: The Sources of Hierarchical Recursion

3:35 PM Coffee break
3:50 PM

Gillian Gallagher

New York University,
Department of Linguistics

Categorical Phonotactics and Language Universals

4:40 PM

Veneeta Dayal

Rutgers University,
Department of Linguistics

Semantic Universals: The Case of Definites and Generics

5:45-7:00 PM


Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Stock Exchange

SATURDAY, March 19, 2016
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Stock Exchange

8:30 AM


SESSION 1A: Syntax & Experimental

Steinberg-Dietrich 215


Steinberg-Dietrich 213

9:15 AM

Two Ways to Derive Partial Control: Evidence from German

Marcel Pitteroff, Artemis Alexiadou and Silke Fischer, University of Stuttgart & Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin [abstract]

Telicity and Iconic Scales in ASL

Jeremy Kuhn, Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure [abstract]

9:40 AM

Syntactic Constraints on Quantifier Domains: An Experimental Study of the Quantifier dou in Mandarin Chinese

Alan Hezao Ke, Sam Epstein, Acrisio Pires and Richard Lewis, University of Michigan [abstract]

Unsupervised Learning of Prosodic Boundaries in ASL

Joshua Falk and Diane Brentari, University of Chicago [abstract]

10:05 AM

Speech Act Phrase, Conjectural Questions, and Hearer

Takeshi Oguro, Chiba University of Commerce [abstract]

Passing by the Passive: ASL Impersonal

Helen Koulidobrova, Central Connecticut State University [abstract]

10:30 AM

Measuring Cross-Linguistic Influence in First- and Second-Generation Bilinguals: ERP vs. Acceptability Judgments

Gita Martohardjono, Ian Phillips, Christen N. Madsen Ii, Ricardo Otheguy, Richard G. Schwartz, Valerie L. Shafer, The Graduate Center, CUNY [abstract]

10:55 AM BREAK

SESSION 2A: Semantics & Syntax-Semantics Interface

Steinberg-Dietrich 215

SESSION 2B: Variation

Steinberg-Dietrich 213

11:10 AM

Against Expletive Negation in Spanish 'hasta'-clauses

Paola Cepeda, Stony Brook University [abstract]

Vowel Dynamics and Social Meaning in York, Northern England

Daniel Lawrence, University of Edinburgh [abstract]

11:35 AM

Alternatives and Focus: Distribution of Chinese Relative Clauses Revisited

Yu-Yin Hsu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University [abstract]

(str) Retraction in Raleigh: "Identical" Variants Implicated in Two Separate Sound Changes

Eric Wilbanks, North Carolina State University [abstract]

12:00 PM

The German Definite Article and the ‘Sameness’ of Indices

Emily Hanink, University of Chicago [abstract]

Using Intra-Speaker Variation to Diagnose Syntactic Structure

Heather Burnett and Sali Tagliamonte, CNRS-Université Paris 7-Diderot & University of Toronto [abstract]

12:25 PM

On Focus within ClPs in Korean

Jungmin Kang, Washington University in St. Louis [abstract]

Processing Spanish Copulas: Discourse and Gender-Based Differences

Sara Sanchez-Alonso, Ashwini Deo and Maria Piñango, Yale University [abstract]


Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Stock Exchange

1:15-2:15 PM


Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Stock Exchange
Lunch will be provided

Conditions on Mergers' Success in Dialect Contact: Revisiting the Case of New Zealand English

Kajsa Djärv, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Pseudo-gapping: Evidence for Overt Quantifier Raising

Hideharu Tanaka, Osaka University [abstract]

The Semantic Ontology of Agent and Theme: A Case Study with Event Partitioning Quantifiers in Japanese

Takanobu Nakamura, Sophia University [abstract]

Use of Discourse Cues during Garden-path Resolution is Modulated by Verb Argument Structure

Ana Besserman and Elsi Kaiser, University of Southern California [abstract]

On Phonologically Unrealized Prepositions: The Syntax and Morphology of Indonesian P-drop

Helen Jeoung and Alison Biggs, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Competition analysis of non-allomorphs: Diminutive Suffixes in Modern Russian

Varvara Magomedova, Stony Brook University [abstract]

Predication Under Control - The Case of Polish

Patrick Lindert, University of Stuttgart [abstract]

Strong and Weak Pronouns in Slavic and Japanese

Jelena Runić, Johns Hopkins University [abstract]

Syntactic Parallels between Verbal and Nominal φ-Morphology in (Classical) Arabic

Martin Walkow, NA [abstract]

Deriving Obligatorily Reflexive Applicatives

Jim Wood, Yale University [abstract]

Scope as a Diagnostic for the Position of Negation in Persian

Nazila Shafiei-Ilkhechy and Dennis Ryan Storoshenko, University of Calgary [abstract]

Signalling Games, Sociolinguistic Variation, and the Construction of Style

Heather Burnett, CNRS-Université Paris 7-Diderot [abstract]

The Particle Mo in Japanese and Its Role in Numeral Indeterminate Phrases

Fumio Mohri, Fukuoka University [abstract]

The Illusory Scope of French Epistemics

Robert Pasternak, Stony Brook University [abstract]

Different Constituency of Classifier Constructions in Japanese and Korean

Yong Suk Yoo and Yuta Sakamoto, University of Connecticut [abstract]

Pseudo Verb Incorporation via Phrasal Adjunction to V0 Head

Yağmur Sağ, Rutgers University [abstract]

Worldlikeness: A Web-based Tool for Typological Psycholinguistic Research

Tsung-Ying Chen and James Myers, National Chung Cheng University [abstract]

Towards the Parameter Hierarchy of Embedded Imperatives

Hiroaki Saito, University of Connecticut [abstract]

SESSION 3A: Syntax I

Steinberg-Dietrich 215

SESSION 3B: Phonetics & Phonology

Steinberg-Dietrich 213

2:15 PM

Auxiliary Verbs as Head-adjoined Expressives in Korean: Against the Aspectual Approach

Hyun Kyoung Jung and Lan Kim, Silla University & Pennsylvania State University [abstract]

Accent-meter Alignment in Japanese Vocal Music

Sunghye Cho, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

2:40 PM

Lithuanian Passive-like Impersonals and Regular Passives

Milena Šereikaitė, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Weigh(t)ing the Evidence: Avoidance and Constraint Interaction in Phonological Development

Anne-Michelle Tessier, University of Alberta [abstract]

3:05 PM

Unergative-Unaccusative Distinction: A Case Study of Sason Arabic

Faruk Akkuş, Yale University [abstract]

Phonological Learning Bias in Tone Retention Patterns

Sophia Kao, Stony Brook University [abstract]

3:30 PM

"I didn't drink and drove a car": Neg Expresses Eccentric Triplets

Yusuke Yoda and Ryoichiro Kobayashi, Toyo Gakuen University & Sophia University [abstract]

Prosodic Effects on Allophonic Creaky Voice: A Case Study of Mandarin Lexical Tones

Hong Zhang, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

3:55 PM

Initial Change is Mood-y: Tense-Restricted Mood Marking in Arapaho

Ksenia Bogomolets, University of Connecticut [abstract]

Phonetic Enhancement and Three Patterns of English æ-tensing

Yining Nie, New York University [abstract]

4:40~6:10 PM


Steinberg-Dietrich Hall 351

Brian Dillon

UMass Amherst,
Department of Linguistics

Grammatical illusions in sentence processing: At the interface of performance and competence

9:00 PM


Information and directions will be included in the registration packet.

SUNDAY, March 20, 2016
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Stock Exchange

9:00 AM



Steinberg-Dietrich 215

SESSION 4B: Language Change & Acquisition

Steinberg-Dietrich 213

9:30 AM

Toyuu-reduplication and the Structure of Extended Nominal Projections in Japanese

Yuta Tatsumi, University of Connecticut [abstract]

9:55 AM

Imposters: A New Piece of Evidence for Local vs. Non-local Persons Contrast

Faruk Akkuş and Robert Frank, Yale University [abstract]

Transparency Matters: The Acquisition of Synthetic and Analytic Ordinals in Dutch

Caitlin Meyer, Sjef Barbiers and Fred Weerman, University of Amsterdam & Meertens Institute [abstract]

10:20 AM

Speech Act Control: An Unrecognized type

Idan Landau, Ben Gurion University [abstract]

Diachrony of Aspectual Markers: Exploring Language Change with Game Theory

Dankmar Enke, Roland Mühlenbernd and Igor Yanovich, University of Munich, University of Tübingen, & Carnegie Mellon University [abstract]

10:45 AM

Multi-Value Asymmetry in Number Agreement and Concord

Zheng Shen, University of Connecticut [abstract]

Computational Cladistics of Afro-Asiatic

Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin and David Wilson, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

11:10 AM

Full Phase Transfer

Alan Hezao Ke, University of Michigan [abstract]

11:35 AM BREAK

SESSION 5A: Syntax-Morphology

Steinberg-Dietrich 215

SESSION 5B: Syntax, Discourse, Variation

Steinberg-Dietrich 213

12:15 PM

Postsyntactic Morpheme Reordering in Mari - Evidence from Suspended Affixation

Philipp Weisser, University of Connecticut [abstract]

Revisiting the Nuclear Stress Rule and Its Exceptions

Byron Ahn, Swarthmore College [abstract]

12:40 PM

Reconsidering re-

Benjamin Slade and Aniko Csirmaz, University of Utah [abstract]

Micro-Variation in the "Have Yet To" Construction

Matthew Tyler and Jim Wood, Yale University [abstract]

1:05 PM

Morphosyntactic Interleaving in Vietnamese and Pacoh

Kobey Shwayder, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Flexible Expectations of Speaker Informativeness Shape Pragmatic Inference

Sarah Fairchild and Anna Papafragou, University of Delaware [abstract]

1:30 PM

Swiping without Sluicing

Matthew Tyler, Yale University [abstract]

Morpho-pragmatic Faithfulness Interacts with Phonological Markedness: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Appalachian English a-prefixing

Goldie Ann McQuaid, Georgetown University [abstract]