FRIDAY, March 20, 2015
2:00 - 4:30 PM


Outside Steinberg-Dietrich Hall Lecture Room 351

Special Panel: Sociolinguistic Frontiers

Moderator: Meredith Tamminga

Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Lecture Room 351

2:25 PM

Kathryn Campbell-Kibler

The Ohio State University,
Department of Linguistics

Cognitive questions of sociolinguistic meaning

2:50 PM

Robin Dodsworth

NC State University,
Department of Linguistics

New approaches to network analysis in sociolinguistics

3:15 PM First question period

3:30 PM Coffee break
3:45 PM

James N. Stanford

Dartmouth College,
Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Mysteries of Uniformity: Perspectives from Less Commonly Studied Speech Communities

4:10 PM

Josef Fruehwald

University of Edinburgh,
Department of Linguistics and English Language

Big Data and Sociolinguistics

4:35 PM

Second question period
4:50 PM

Bill Labov

University of Pennsylvania,
Department of Linguistics

The Romance of Short-a in Philadelphia

5:20 PM

Third question period
5:45-7:30 PM


Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Stock Exchange

SATURDAY, March 21, 2015
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Cohen Hall Lobby

8:30 AM


SESSION 1A: Syntax I

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 1B: Phonology

Cohen Hall Terrace Room

9:15 AM

No Clash Constraint in Nominal RNR Number Agreement

Zheng Shen, University of Connecticut [abstract]

The /ɨ/ Deletion Rule and Phonologically Conditioned Allomorphy in Korean Cases

Sunghye Cho, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

9:40 AM

Noun Incorporation and Null Verbal Heads in Frisian

David Basilico, University of Alabama at Birmingham [abstract]

Revisiting Incomplete Neutralization: The Case of Coda Liquid Production in Puerto Rican Spanish

Mary Elizabeth Beaton, The Ohio State University [abstract]

10:05 AM

Bizkaiera Basque Relativization: the Promotion Analysis

Ager Gondra, SUNY-Purchase College [abstract]

Contour spread: Encoding Precedence in Tonal Representation and Beyond

Charles Reiss, Concordia University
David Ta-Chun Shen, National Taiwan Normal University and Concordia University [abstract]

10:30 AM

Eem Negation in AAVE: A Next Step in Jespersen's Cycle

Taylor Jones, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Two Applications of Precedence-Based Phonology

Charles Reiss, Concordia University
David Ta-Chun Shen, National Taiwan Normal University and Concordia University [abstract]

10:55 AM BREAK

SESSION 2A: Semantics

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 2B: Sociolinguistics

Cohen Hall Terrace Room

11:10 AM

Multiple Exhaustifications and Multiple Scalar Items

Yimei Xiang, Harvard University [abstract]

Brother Bell’s Audience Design: Forms of Address among Latter- day Saint Young Adults

Joseph Stanley, University of Georgia [abstract]

11:35 AM

Bare Singular Nouns in Spanish

David Rubio Vallejo, University of Delaware [abstract]

An Investigation of Andalusian Stop Cluster Post-aspiration in Naturalistic Speech

Duna Gylfadottir, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

12:00 PM

An Unexceptional Semantics for Expressions of Exception

Aron Hirsch, MIT [abstract]

Individual Conditioning Factors and System Knowledge Contribute to Evaluation of Phonological Systems

Betsy Sneller, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

12:25 PM

Specificational Copular Clauses as Inverted Predications with a Semantics of Equation

Nagarajan Selvanathan, Rutgers University [abstract]

Pre-Voicing and Aspiration in Southern American English

Leigh Hunnicutt & Paul Morris, University of Iowa [abstract]

12:50 PM

Exclusive (dis)harmonies in Chinese

Mingming Liu, Rutgers University [abstract]

The Like Conspiracy: Avoiding Accountability

Aaron Dinkin, University of Toronto [abstract]

1:15-2:15 PM


Terrace Room (Lunch will be provided)

Motivating a Symmetric "be" in Attitude Reports

Linmin Zhang, New York University [abstract]

Continuations for Comparatives

Todd Snider, Cornell University [abstract]

Untangling Language Attitudes from Linguistic Knowledge in Self-Reports of Stigmatized Speech

Laura Walker, Betsy Sneller and Sabriya Fisher, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Conflation and Flavors of v in the Agent/ECM Correlation

Yuki Ito, UMD [abstract]

Towards a Syntactic Focus Movement Account of the Sluicing-like Construction in Chinese

Wei Song, University of Minnesota [abstract]

What Causes the Alternation of Agentive Verbs in Brazilian Portuguese?

Janayna Carvalho, Universidade de São Paulo/Universität Stuttgart [abstract]

A Morphosyntactic Analysis of Definiteness Morphology in Swedish Determiner Phrases

Amy Goodwin Davies, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Discourse Induces Semantic Change: Evidence from a Numeral Phrase Construction in Chinese

Jun Chen, SUNY Buffalo [abstract]

A Freezing Approach to the Ish- Construction in English

Daniel Duncan, New York University [abstract]

Regional Perceptions of New England Dialects

Benjamin Jones, University of Kentucky [abstract]

Focus Effects on the Factivity of know

Mia Wiegand, Cornell University [abstract]

On the Semantics and Syntax of Persian ‘become’

Negin Ilkhanipour, University of Tehran

Ayaka Sugawara, MIT [abstract]


Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 3B: Experimental

Cohen Hall Terrace Room

2:30 PM

Light Verbs are Just Regular Verbs

Benjamin Bruening, University of Delaware [abstract]

-hii: Modality meets Exclusivity

Vandana Bajaj, Rutgers University

Kristen Syrett, Rutgers University/Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science [abstract]

2:55 PM

New Definition of Edge and its Consequences for PBC

YongSuk Yoo, University of Connecticut [abstract]

Subject-Object Asymmetries in the Acceptability of English Sentences with Two Negatives

Frances Blanchette, CUNY Graduate Center [abstract]

3:20 PM

Adjunct Islands and Pseudocoordination in an Autonomous Syntax

Jessica Brown, University of Cambridge [abstract]

Mapping the Linguistic System

Lotte Hendriks, Sjef Barbiers & Hans Bennis, Meertens Instituut [abstract]

3:45 PM

Using False Memories to Characterize Lexical Representations: A Test Case from Spanish

Anne Pycha, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee [abstract]

5:30-7:00 PM


The Busy Lives of Quantifier Particles

Anna Szabolcsi
New York University [abstract]

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

9:00 PM


Information and directions will be included in the registration packet.

SUNDAY, March 22, 2015
9:20 AM - 1:00 PM


Cohen Hall Lobby

9:20 AM


SESSION 4A: Syntax/Semantics

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 4B: Morphology

Cohen Hall Terrace Room

9:50 AM

Deletion of Non-constituents in Clausal Ellipsis: Remnants in the Middle Field

Dennis Ott, Humboldt University of Berlin

Volker Struckmeier, University of Cologne [abstract]

Wh-Concord = Syntactic Movement + Morphological Merger

Kunio Kinjo, Rutgers University

Yohei Oseki, New York University [abstract]

10:15 AM

Repetitive Adverbs in Hungarian: Syntactic and Semantic Variation

Aniko Csirmaz,, University of Utah [abstract]

Root Alternation and Verbal Plurality in Ranmo

Jenny Lee, Harvard University [abstract]

10:40 AM

A New Account for too and either

Dorothy Ahn, Harvard University [abstract]

Word Formation and the Icelandic Noun Phrase

Gisli Runar Hardarson, University of Connecticut [abstract]

11:05 AM

The Repetitive Coordinator ka in Japanese and either in English as Scope Indicators in Disjunction

Ryoichiro Kobayashi, Sophia University [abstract]

Nonactive Voice in Hebrew and elsewhere: Between Unaccusativity and Agentivity

Itamar Kastner, New York University [abstract]

11:30 AM

Obviating the Disjoint Reference Effect in French

Laurence B-Violette, Harvard University [abstract]

A New Classifier-Based Morpheme in German Sign Language (DGS)

Marjorie Herbert, University of Michigan [abstract]

11:55 AM BREAK

SESSION 5A: Dynamics

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

SESSION 5B: Phonetics/Phonology

Cohen Hall Terrace Room

12:15 PM

Chicano English Goes to College: the Value of a Third-Wave Approach in the Study of Ethnic Dialects

Lisa Tittle Caballero, University of Washington [abstract]

OMG the Word-Final Alveopalatals are Cray-Cray Prev: A Morphophonological Account of Totes Constructions in English

Lauren Spradlin, CUNY Graduate Center [abstract]

12:40 PM

From Old to Modern Icelandic: a Real Dichotomy

Heimir Freyr Van Der Feest Viðarsson, University of Iceland [abstract]

Hybrid weight scales in the Extended PAF theory

Alexandre Vaxman, University of Connecticut [abstract]

1:05 PM

The Heavy Road to Decompositionality: Notes from a Dying Adverb

Remus Gergel, Andreas Blümel & Martin Kopf, University of Graz [abstract]

Intonational Disambiguation of wh-words in Korean

Jiwon Yun, Stony Brook University

Hye-Sook Lee, Georgetown University [abstract]

1:30 PM

An Interaction Effect Between Tonogenesis and Focus in Seoul Korean

Yong-Cheol Lee, Sunghye Cho & Mark Liberman, University of Pennsylvania [abstract]