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FRIDAY, March 22, 2013

2:00 - 4:30 PM

REGISTRATION (Cohen Hall Lobby)

Special Panel - Finding Proof: Methodology and Epistemology in the Language Sciences
Moderator: Florian Schwarz
Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

2:25 - 5:00 PM

Juliette Blevins City University of New York, Linguistics

Chris Callison-Burch University of Pennsylvania, Computer Science

Lisa Davidson New York University, Linguistics

Jason Stanley Rutgers University, Philosophy

5:00-7:30 PM

Reception Cohen Hall Lobby

SATURDAY, March 23, 2013

8:30 AM -7:00 PM


8:30 AM


SESSION 1A: Experimental Linguistics I
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

SESSION 1B: Syntax I
Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

9:15 AM

Exploiting orthography-free phonological evidence in orthography-rich language
Fusa Katada,
Waseda Univesity [abstract]

Icelandic deverbal adjectives and case-­alternations
Jim Wood, Yale University and Einar Sigurðsson,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

9:40 AM

Linearity and Word Internal Structure in the Visual Processing of Italian Complex Words
Franca Ferrari-Bridgers, QCC-CUNY and Natalie Kacinik, Brooklyn College-CUNY

Intra-speaker variation in subject case: Icelandic
Iris Nowenstein,
University of Iceland [abstract]

10:05 AM

Language Identification in Bilingual Texts for Linguistic Data Extraction
Terrence Szymanski,
University of Michigan [abstract]

'By'-phrases in the Icelandic New Impersonal Passive
Einar Sigurðsson, University of Pennsylvania and Brynhildur Stefánsdóttir
University of Iceland [abstract]

10:30 AM

The Effects of Motor Priming on Categorical Perception
Rachel Bristol, Jamie Tebaldi, Angeliki Athanasopoulou, Arild Hestvik and Karthik Durvasula,
University of Delaware [abstract]

I'm done my homework. - Case assignment in a stative passive
Josef Fruehwald, University of Pennsylvania and Neil Myler, New York University

10:55 AM


SESSION 2A: Experimental Linguistics II
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

11:10 AM

Rescuing exists! An experimental study on island violations and resumptive pronouns in Italian.
Andrea Beltrama and Ming Xiang,
University of Chicago [abstract]

Extraordinary complement extraction
Aida Talić,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

11:35 AM

The role of modality in the semantics of children's root infinitives: a cross-linguistic perspective
Elena Gavruseva,
University of Iowa [abstract]

Unelided basic remnants in Germanic ellipsis or: ÜBRIGE Arguments
Bradley Larson,
University of Maryland [abstract]

12:00 PM

How Uniqueness Guides Definite Description Processing
Christopher Ahern and Jon Stevens,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

LF Intervention Effects and Nominative Objects in Japanese
Kenshi Funakoshi and Masahiko Takahashi,
University of Maryland [abstract]

12:25 PM

Compounds, learning mechanisms, and the continuity hypothesis in language acquisition
Jessica L. Gamache and Cristina Schmitt,
Michigan State University [abstract]

Role of aspect in VP-ellipsis in Serbian: phase-governed approach
Neda Todorović,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

12:50 PM

Nominal Internal and External Topic and Focus: Evidence from Mandarin
Yu-Yin Hsu,
Indiana University [abstract]

1:15 pm


A Verb Raising Analysis of Interrogatives: The Preverbal Subject Constraint in Spanish
Omar Beas,
Arizona State University [abstract]

First Language Taiwanese Tonal Attrition: Revisiting First Language Attrition Hypotheses and Their Relevance
Yufen Chang,
Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY [abstract]

Another tonogenesis in Seoul Korean: the case of /i/
Sunghye Cho,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Distinguishing Clause-Typing and Subject Positions in Imperatives
Ed Cormany,
Cornell University [abstract]

Camuno vowel harmony: Understanding a unique pattern of height agreement
Michela Cresci,
City University of New York, Graduate Center [abstract]

Vehicularization and Reflexive Marker Loss in Burkina Faso Jula
Coleman Donaldson,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Markedness and the Syllable Contact Law in onset sC clusters
Kelly Enochson,
George Mason University [abstract]

Arguing for movement theory of depictive control
David Erschler,
Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen [abstract]

If looks could kill: Honing a pragmatic account of English implicit objects
Lelia Glass,
Stanford University [abstract]

Phonological Opacity and Icelandic Preaspiration
Linda Heimisdóttir,
Cornell University [abstract]

Resultative strategies
Monica Irimia, University of Toronto and Laifa Li,
Harbin Institute of Technology [abstract]

Projective Meanings of Thai Passive-type Constructions, and Implications for East Asian (Chinese Bei) Passive Constructions
Lan Kim,
University of Delaware [abstract]

The interaction of tone and stress in Seoul Korean
Yong-Cheol Lee and Sunghye Cho,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

The temporal interpretation of the -ko construction in Korean: Toward an adjunction analysis of clausal “coordination”
Jenny Lee,
Harvard University [abstract]

Container nouns and counting in Yudja (Tupi)
Suzi Lima,
University of Massachusetts Amherst [abstract]

Morphology-Prosody Interface: Stress Pattern in Budai Rukai
Kuo-Chiao Lin,
New York University [abstract]

Mandarin resultative verb compound has a VP complementation syntax
Mingming Liu,
Rutgers University [abstract]

A necessity priority modal and its interaction with tense in Korean
Bokyung Mun,
Georgetown University [abstract]

Unbounded Successive-Cyclic Rightward Movement
Jason Overfelt,
University of Massachusetts Amherst [abstract]

Licensing conditions for embedded topic in Korean: An experimental approach
Yangsook Park,
University of Massachusetts Amherst [abstract]

Creaky Voice: a change in progress in English?
Nadya Pincus,
University of Delaware [abstract]

Vowel tensing in Kaqchikel Maya
Justin Rill,
University of Delaware [abstract]

Effects of Spanish L1 on phonetic and phonemic perception of English /b/ and /v/
Bridget Smith and Amber Torelli,
The Ohio State University [abstract]

Is the present tense vacuous?
Guillaume Thomas,
Institut Jean Nicod / CNRS / EHESS [abstract]

Hanging Topics and CLLDs in Spanish: Accounting For An Embedded Asymmetry
Julio Villa-García,
Villanova University [abstract]

Main Clause Phenomena at the Syntax-Semantics Interface
Suwon Yoon,
Bergische Universität Wuppertal [abstract]

Changing the “subject”: a non-standard feature in standard colloquial French
Sara Zahler,
Indiana University [abstract]

SESSION 3A: Language Change
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

2:30 PM

Diachrony or Synchrony? Accounting for the Old Japanese particle -tu
Alexander Ratte,
Ohio State University [abstract]

The non-universality of TP and the syntax of clitics
Krzysztof Migdalski,
University of Wroclaw [abstract]

2:55 PM

Mergers, Migration, and Signaling
Christopher Ahern,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

(Anti-)locality and A-scrambling in Japanese
Sayaka Goto,
University of Maryland [abstract]

3:20 PM

The continuous path of grammaticalization in modern Peninsular Spanish
Meagan Day and Sara Zahler,
University of Florida [abstract]

Licensing NPIs and Licensing Silence: HAVE/BE YET TO in English
Stephanie Harves and Neil Myler,
New York University [abstract]

3:45 PM

Predicting variation in African American English: Shared morphosyntactic conditioning in verb inflection and copula deletion
Brittany McLaughlin,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

The Syntactic Licensing of Adverbials: an Atayal Case Study
Sihwei Chen,
University of British Columbia [abstract]

4:10 PM

Negative Structure in Japanese
Yoshiyuki Shibata,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

4:35 PM


5:30 PM -7:00 PM

Coarse and Fine Grained Syntactic Variation

Hilda Koopman

University of California, Los Angeles

Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

Ongoing research around Universal 20 (Greenberg 1966, Cinque 2005) leads to theoretical predictions about expected patterns of syntactic variation. These are tested and explored in two studies. The first study of "coarse" syntactic variation explores the Universal 20 data currently in the SSWL/Terraling database: a crowdsourced, expert based, open-ended database. The second study is a study of fine grained syntactic variation which examines specific predictions about individual grammars through a judgment study of verbal complexes.

9:00 PM

PARTY (Information and directions will be included in the registration packet.)

SUNDAY, March 24, 2013

9:20 AM -1:25 PM


9:20 AM


SESSION 4A: Phonology and Phonetics
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

SESSION 4B: Semantics I
Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

9:50 AM

Automating Phonetic Measurement: The Case of VOT
Neville Ryant, Jiahong Yuan and Mark Liberman,
Linguistic Data Consortium [abstract]

The Projective Meaning of Gei in Mandarin Chinese
Zenghong Jia,
University of Delaware [abstract]

10:15 AM

Learning Local Phonological Rules
Jane Chandlee and Cesar Koirala,
University of Delaware [abstract]

Sloppy Identity with no Binding
Ezra Keshet,
University of Michigan [abstract]

10:40 AM

Against a split phonology of Michif
Hilary Prichard and Kobey Shwayder,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Verbal gradability and degree arguments in verbs
Curt Anderson,
Michigan State University [abstract]

11:05 AM

Getting your gutturals out of the mind: An assessment of the role of phonology in the patterns of historical gutturals in Modern Hebrew
Ignacio Montoya,
City University of New York, Graduate Center [abstract]

Mandarin Comparatives and Long-distance Reflexives
I-Ta Chris Hsieh,
Rutgers University [abstract]

11:30 AM


SESSION 5A: Morphology
Cohen Hall Terrace Room

SESSION 5B: Semantics II
Cohen Hall Auditorium (G17)

12:10 pm

The Indirect Nature of Endoclisis
Peter Smith,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

Rising Pitch as Incompleteness, with Discourse Structuring Effects
Joseph Tyler,
Qatar University [abstract]

12:35 PM

The prosodic structure of the Romanian verbal complex
Anca Cherecheș,
Cornell University [abstract]

Looking back and looking forward: Anaphora and cataphora in Italian
Emily Fedele and Elsi Kaiser,
University of Southern California [abstract]

1:00 PM

Interaction of Phonology and Morphology in Maltese and Makassarese Clitics
Kobey Shwayder,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

Focus Sensitivity as Determined by Commitment
Hillary Harner,
Georgetown [abstract]

1:25 pm

Faithfulness Conflict in Korean Blends
Suzy Ahn,
New York University [abstract]

A Semantics for Object-Oriented Depictives
Alexandra Motut,
University of Toronto [abstract]