FRIDAY, March 23, 2012

2:00 pm - 4:30pm

REGISTRATION (Claudia Cohen Hall)

Special Panel on Game Theory and Linguistics
Moderator: Robin Clark (University of Pennsylvania)
(Claudia Cohen Hall, room G17 (auditorium))

2:25 pm

Steve Kimbrough University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School

2:50 pm

Bruno Galantucci Yeshiva University

3:15 pm

First Question Period

3:40 pm

Coffee Break

4:05 pm

Brady Clark Northwestern University

4:35 pm

Second Question Period

5:00 pm

Reception! (lobby at Claudia Cohen Hall)

SATURDAY, March 24, 2012

8:30 am-7:00 pm


8:30 am


SESSION 1A: Syntax
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 1B: Phonetics/Phonology
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

9:15 am

Subject Phrases are Subject to Scrambling in Japanese
Hideaki Yamashita,
Yokohama National University [abstract]

Polish Stress: A Phonetic Investigation of Phonological Claims
Luiza Newlin-Lukowicz,
New York University [abstract]

9:40 am

A unified approach to Korean causal connective -nikka
Yugyeong Park,
University of Delaware [abstract]

Methodological and structural effects in production & perception of final devoicing: Evidence from Russian
Viktor Kharlamov,
University of Ottawa [abstract]

10:05 am

Refining MaxElide
Seungwan Ha,
Kyungpook National University [abstract]

Deconstructing Canadian French Vowel Harmony
Will Dalton,
University of Ottawa [abstract]

10:30 am

Deriving Split-antecedent Relative Clauses
Katherine Mckinney-Bock
University of Southern California [abstract]

Stress Production in the Spanish of Heritage Speakers
Rajiv Rao,
University of Wisconsin-Madison [abstract]

10:55 am


SESSION 2A: Argument Structure
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 2B: Information Structure/Pragmatics
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

11:10 am

Choosing between Persons: Articulated Probes and The Ultra-Strong PCC
Martin Walkow,
University of Massachusetts at Amherst [abstract]

Focus Constructions in ASL: Evidence from Pseudoclefting and Doubling
Elise Stickles,
UC Berkeley [abstract]

11:35 am

Inside proper names
Eva Dekany,
CASTL - University of Tromsø [abstract]

When you can and can’t see double: Revisiting focus doubling in ASL
Koji Shimamura and Lyn Tieu,
University of Connecticut [abstract]


Passive-like Affected Constructions: Evidence from Khmer
Lan Kim,
University of Delaware [abstract]

The pragmatics of direct object fronting in historical English
Jon Stevens and Caitlin Light,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

12:25 pm

LUNCH AND POSTER SESSION: Lunch will be provided.

Figuring out what we 'ought' to do
Aynat Rubinstein
Georgetown University [abstract]

The representation of contour tones in Cantonese
Jackson Lee,
University of Chicago [abstract]

Negative Raising and Focus-sensitive Readings
Yimei Xiang,
Harvard University [abstract]

Mandarin Parasitic Gaps
Chi-Ming Louis Liu,
Harvard University [abstract]

Long-distance anaphora in Mandarin
Iain Giblin,
MIT [abstract]

Liketa is not Almost
Greg Johnson,
Michigan State University [abstract]

Cliticization phenomena in languages 'on the border'
Jelena Runic,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

SESSION 3A: Syntax
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 3B: Semantics
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

2:30 pm

Are Russian prefixes out of order?: Complexity-Based Ordering and template morphology
Robert Reynolds,
The Ohio State University [abstract]

Saving the Date Means Getting the Mood Right
Jason Quinley,
University of Tuebingen [abstract]

2:55 pm

A Taxonomy of Agreement in Icelandic: Agree vs Multiple Agree, Syntactic vs Post-Syntactic
Cherlon Ussery,
Carleton College [abstract]

“A pleasant three days in Philadelphia”: arguments for a (pseudo)partitive analysis
Caitlin Keenan,
Harvard University [abstract]

3:20 pm

Allomorphic Patterns in Verb Derivation of Brazilian Portuguese
Indaiá Bassani,
University of São Paulo [abstract]

Future Reference in Hungarian
Nicole Palffy-Muhoray,
Yale University [abstract]

3:45 pm

Jespersen cycle redefined
Katerina Chatzopoulou,
University of Chicago [abstract]

Only one at least: refining the role of context in building alternatives
Maria Biezma,
Carleton University [abstract]

4:10 pm


5:30 pm-7 pm

Morpheme Order, Constituency, and Scope

Paul Kiparsky, Stanford University [abstract]

9:00 pm

PARTY! (Information and directions will be included in the registration packet.)

SUNDAY, March 25, 2012

9:20 am-1:25 pm


9:20 am


SESSION 4A: Left Periphery
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 4B: Experimental/Psycholinguistics
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

9:50 am

On Topic A-movement and Unvalued Interpretable Features
Chao-Ting Chou,
University of Michigan [abstract]

How deep is your syntax? – Filler-gap dependencies in heritage language grammar
Michael Putnam, Nick Henry,
Penn State University, Joshua Bousquette, Benjamin Frey, Joseph Salmons, Alyson Sewell, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Daniel Nuetzel, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) [abstract]

10:15 am

V≥2 and Addressee Agreement in Basque
Arantzazu Elordieta,
University of the Basque Country, Bill Haddican, Queens College-CUNY [abstract]

Informal judgments in formal settings: Pair-list answers in naïve speakers and professional linguists
Asya Achimova, Viviane Deprez and Julien Musolino,
Rutgers University [abstract]

10:40 am

Double object fronting in Bangla
Satarupa Das,
CUNY Graduate Center

On the processing of "might"
Dimka Atanassov, Florian Schwarz and John Trueswell,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

11:05 am

The Puzzle of the Spanish Complementizer System
Julio Villa-Garcia,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

You can’t get there from here: On interpreting learning experiments
Constantine Lignos,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

11:30 am


Work & Play: Simulating language contact
Roland Mühlenbernd and Jason Quinley,
University of Tuebingen [abstract]

11:55 am


SESSION 5A: Syntax
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 5B: Sociolinguistics
Chair: TBA (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

12:10 pm

Lexicalizing Modality (or why Swedish doesn’t have a middle voice construction)
Michael Putnam,
Penn State University, Antonio Fábregas, CASTL - University of Tromsø [abstract]

A look at copula usage in school-age AAE speakers
Julia Thomas,
University of Chicago, Holly Craig, Stephanie Hensel, University of Michigan

12:35 pm

"Mixed Predicates" are, in fact, Atom Predicates
Hironobu Hosoi,
Gunma Prefectural Women's University [abstract]

A change in progress or age-grading?: A quantitative analysis of intensifier use in Seoul Korean
Soohyun Kwon,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

1:00 pm

On PP Left Branch Extraction in Japanese
Masahiko Takahashi and Kenshi Funakoshi,
University of Maryland [abstract]

A Northern Cities Shift Retreat in the St. Louis Corridor
Lauren Friedman,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

1:25 pm


The relationship between consonant cluster simplification and schwa insertion in French: A corpus investigation
Peter Milne,
University of Ottawa [abstract]

1:50 pm