FRIDAY, March 19, 2010
REGISTRATION (Claudia Cohen Hall)

Special Panel: Mental Representations
(Claudia Cohen Hall, room G17 (auditorium))

1:30 - 1:55 pm Susan Schneider (Philosophy, Penn)
1:55 - 2:20 pm Mark Bickhard (Philosophy and Psychology, Lehigh University)
2:20 - 2:45 pm Robin Clark (Linguistics, Penn)
2:45 - 3:10 pm First Q&A session
3:10 - 3:30 pm Break w/ refreshments
3:30 - 3:55 pm Murray Grossman (Neurology, Penn)
3:55 - 4:20 pm David Embick (Linguistics, Penn)
4:20 - 4:45 pm Second Q&A session (w/ all five panel participants)
Reception! (lobby at Claudia Cohen Hall)

SATURDAY, March 20, 2010
8:30 am-7:30 pm REGISTRATION and BOOK DISPLAY (Claudia Cohen Hall)

SESSION 1A: Syntax
Chair: Toni Cook (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 1B: Phonology
Chair: Laurel MacKenzie (Cohen Hall 402)

9:15 am The Syntax of Modal Adjectives: Movement and Reanalysis [abstract]
Octav Eugen DeLazero, Cornell University
Domain Specificity and Vata ATR Spreading [abstract]
Wendell Kimper, UMass Amherst
9:40 am On the DP/NP status of Mandarin Chinese and its implications [abstract]
Hsu-Te Johnny Cheng, University of Connecticut
Changzhi Suffix Tonal Reduplication [abstract]
Tsung-Ying Chen, University of Alberta
10:05 am On the gradual evolution of do-support in English [abstract]
Aaron Ecay, University of Pennsylvania
Structure Preservation is Not a Necessary Factor in Determining Vowel Transparency [abstract]
Tim O'Neill, University of Delaware
10:30 am Spellout domains and focalization in Mainland Scandinavian DP [abstract]
Alexandra Simonenko, McGill University
Comparing Learning Models for Korean Sound-symbolic Vowel Harmony [abstract]
Darrell Larsen & Jeffrey Heinz, University of Delaware
10:55 am -- 11:10 am BREAK

SESSION 2A: Syntax
Chair: Beatrice Santorini (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 2B: Phonology
Chair: Kyle Gorman (Cohen Hall 402)

11:10 am A prosodic account of head-movement [abstract]
Norvin Richards, MIT
Phoneme Type Frequency in Romanian [abstract]
Margaret Renwick, Cornell University
11:35 am On the syntax of in-situ and ex-situ wh-questions in Egyptian Arabic [abstract]
Usama Soltan, Middlebury College
Prosodic Variability and Stylistic Coherence: Individuals Are Not Just Noisy [abstract]
Patrick Callier, Georgetown University
noon Pro and lack thereof: What ASL reveals about Spanish [abstract]
Helen Koulidobrova, University of Connecticut
Mediating Factors in Phonetic Imitation: Perceived Sexual Orientation [abstract] Alan Yu & Carissa Abrego & Rebekah Baglini & Tommy Grano & Martina Martinovic & Charles Otte III & Julia Thomas & Jasmin Urban, University of Chicago
12:25 pm Scrambling Verb-final Languages and the Underlying Order of Objects in Ditransitive Constructions [abstract]
Effi Georgala, Cornell University
Incomplete Neutralization in American English Flapping: A Production Study [abstract]
Aaron Braver, Rutgers University
12:50 pm Inherent Case and locality requirement: Evidence from ditransitive verbs and their nominalizations [abstract]
Věra Dvořák, Rutgers University
Young infants learn sound patterns involving unnatural sound classes [abstract]
Alejandrina Cristia & Amanda Seidl & LouAnn Gerken,
LSCP/EHESS-DEC-ENS-CNRS, Purdue University, University of Arizona
1:15 pm LUNCH: There are a variety of nearby restaurants and food venues.

SESSION 3A: Syntax
Chair: Caitlin Light (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 3B: Semantics
Chair: Florian Schwarz (Cohen Hall 402)

3:00 pm Scrambling out of a control clause in Japanese: An argument against the Movement Theory of Control [abstract]
Ako Imaoka, Sophia University
Some Structure-Sensitivity in Actuality: Evidence from rather-type expressions [abstract]
Remus Gergel, University of Tübingen
3:25 pm Experimental Evidence for the Syntax of Phrasal Comparatives in Polish [abstract]
Roumyana Pancheva & Barbara Tomaszewicz, University of Southern California
The Prohibition against the Wa-marking in Relative Clauses: Where does it Come from? [abstract]
Satoshi Tomioka, University of Delaware
3:50 pm Nothing But Ellipsis: The Syntax and Semantics of ne…que Exceptives in French [abstract]
Teresa Fredericks-O'Neill, CUNY Graduate Center
For-Adverbials and the Distributive Scope Generalization [abstract]
Lucas Champollion, University of Pennsylvania
4:15 pm Right Node Raising requires both Ellipsis and Multidomination [abstract]
Matthew Barros & Luis Vicente, Rutgers Univeristy, University of Potsdam
Relative Clause Antecedents and Demonstrative Anaphors [abstract]
Andreas Bluemel, University of Frankfurt
4:40pm-5:30pm Break
The Composition of Incremental Change [abstract]
Chris Kennedy, University of Chicago

9:00 pm PARTY! (Information and directions will be included in the final program.)

SUNDAY, March 21, 2010
9:45 am- REGISTRATION and BOOK DISPLAY (Claudia Cohen Hall)

SESSION 4A: Syntax
Chair: Aviad Eilam (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 4B: Semantics
Chair: Catherine Lai (Cohen Hall 402)

10:15 am Accounting for Case (Mis)matching within Move & Project [abstract]
Evangelia Daskalaki, University of Alberta
Does plural really mean 'more than one'? [abstract]
Manizeh Khan & Hazel Pearson & Jesse Snedeker, Harvard University
10:40 am Asymmetries in Agreement [abstract]
Rajesh Bhatt & Martin Walkow, UMass Amherst
Impersonal pronouns and pronominal paradigms [abstract]
Sophia Malamud, Brandeis University
11:05 pm No Case Licensing: Evidence from Uyghur [abstract]
Kirill Shklovsky & Yasutada Sudo, MIT
11:30 pm Person-Case Effects in Tseltal: What PCC in Ergative Languages Looks Like [abstract]
Kirill Shklovsky, MIT
11:55 am BREAK

SESSION 5A: Syntax
Chair: Ariel Diertani (Cohen Hall G17)

12:10 pm A New Grammatical Category: Impulsatives [abstract]
MaryEllen Cathcart, University of Delaware
12:35 pm Symmetrical Objecthood in Panoan Languages [abstract]
Teresa Torres-Bustamante, Rutgers University
1:00 pm The Syntactic Structure of Palauan Resultatives [abstract]
Justin Nuger, University of California, Santa Cruz
1:25 pm Feature sharing in the nominal domain [abstract]
Melvin Gonzalez-Rivera & Manuel Delicado-Cantero, The Ohio State University, Swarthmore College
1:50 am END OF PLC 34