The 34th

Penn Linguistics Colloquium

March 19-21, 2010
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Invited Speaker

Chris Kennedy (University of Chicago)

Title: The Composition of Incremental Change

The abstract is available as pdf here.

Special Panel

Mental Representations (Fri, March 19)

Time: 1:30pm-4:45pm with reception to follow
Place: Claudia Cohen Hall, room G17 (auditorium)
Schedule for special panel

The topic of the panel is the nature of mental representations. A general goal of linguistic theory is to uncover the nature of the human language faculty by characterizing a set of computations that manipulate mental representations in order to produce natural language. The field's emphasis on computational processes often leaves open questions about the nature of the representations involved in these processes. The purpose of this interdisciplinary panel is to make these questions more explicit and to use outside perspectives to discuss the way forward in answering them. Topics include the link between linguistics and neuroscience, the limits of cognitive science, and the role of cooperation in giving content to mental representations.

Panel Participants:
Mark Bickhard (Philosophy and Psychology, Lehigh University)
Robin Clark (Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania)
Dave Embick (Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania)
Murray Grossman (Neurology, University of Pennsylvania)
Susan Schneider (Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania)

Call for Papers

The deadline for abstracts has passed and notification has been sent out. Please consider submitting to next year's conference.

About the Penn Linguistics Colloquium

The PLC is a conference in linguistics run by the graduate students in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania.

The PLC 34 committee is Josef Fruehwald and Lauren Friedman (co-chairs), Jana Beck, Claire Crawford, Yong-cheol Lee, Marielle Lerner, Caitlin Light, Rebecca Marsh, Satoshi Nambu, Hilary Prichard, Kobey Shwayder, Gayeon Son, Jon Scott Stevens, Meredith Tamminga

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Previous Conferences

Proceedings of previous conferences are on the the Penn Working Papers in Linguistics website. Through PLC 30 the PWPL was an in-print publication and a hard-copy volume can be ordered. Since PLC 31 the PWPL has been a free-access online publication only.