FRIDAY, March 27, 2009
9:00am-6:30 pm REGISTRATION (Claudia Cohen Hall)[map]

Special Panel: Evolutionary Models of Change in Linguistics and Biology
(Claudia Cohen Hall, Terrace Room)

10:00 am Grammars and Populations [abstract]
Anthony Kroch, University of Pennsylvania Dept of Linguistics
10:30 am Population Dynamics of Language Change [abstract]
Joshua Plotkin, University of Pennsylvania Dept of Biology
11:00 am BREAK
11:10 am Evolution in Cancer [abstract]
Carlo C. Maley, The Wistar Institute
11:40 pm Selectionist Forces in Language Change [abstract]
Charles Yang, University of Pennsylvania Dept of Linguistics
12:10 pm Discussion
12:40 pm LUNCH
(Claudia Cohen Hall)
2:00 pm Genetic and linguistic evolution in Africa [abstract]
Sarah Tishkoff, University of Pennsylvania Dept Biology; Dept. of Genetics
2:30 pm Language Evolution and Linguistic Cladistics [abstract]
Donald Ringe, University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Linguistics
3:00 pm BREAK
3:10 pm Population Genetics [abstract]
Warren Ewens, University of Pennsylvania Dept Biology
3:40 pm Conditions for Divergence and Convergence in the Micro-Evolution of Language [abstract]
William Labov, University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Linguistics
4:10 pm Discussion
Opening Remarks and Reception
SATURDAY, March 28, 2009
9 am-4:15 pm REGISTRATION and BOOK DISPLAY (JMHH MBA Cafe)[map]

SESSION 1A: Syntax
Chair: Beatrice Santorini (JMHH Room 260)

SESSION 1B: Phonetics/Phonology
Chair: Kyle Gorman (JMHH Room 265)

9:15 am Passives and statives in Marshallese: Evidence for two types of "by phrases" [abstract]
Heather Willson, Brigham Young University
The temporal variability of velic aperture in Tupi-Karitiana [abstract]
Caleb Everett, University of Miami
9:40 am The Licensing of Pronominal Features in WCO and OPC [abstract]
Michelangelo Falco, Scuola Normale Superiore
The perception of complex onsets in English: universal markedness? [abstract]
Mieko Sperbeck & Winifred Strange, City University of New York, the Graduate Center
10:05 am Reconstructing the A/A’-distinction in reconstruction [abstract]
Susi Wurmbrand, University of Connecticut
Reconsidering Nasality in Nasal Clicks [abstract]
William G. Bennett, Rutgers University
10:30 am Numerals, Grammatical Nouns and the Syntax of NP-Ellipsis [abstract]
Huib Kranendonk, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS/Utrecht University
10:55 am BREAK

SESSION 2A: Sociolinguistics & Language Change
Chair: Aaron Dinkin (JMHH Room 260)

SESSION 2B: Semantics
Chair: Catherine Lai (JMHH Room 265)

11:10 am Language attrition and convergence in apparent time [abstract]
Maya Ravindranath, University of Pennsylvania
Concealed Questions from a Crosslinguistic Perspective [abstract]
Zhiguo Xie, Cornell University
11:35 am The status of planets: development and transmission of Philadelphia short-a [abstract]
Stefanie Brody, University of Pennsylvania
Tu quoque, Brute, fili mi? [abstract]
Gerhard Schaden, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
noon A Reassessment of Anti-Homophony in Bulgarian [abstract]
Jean-François Mondon, University of Pennsylvania
The Japanese Verbal Reciprocal –aw Indicates Pluralization over Entities and Events [abstract] Masahiro Yamada, University of Delaware
12:25 pm Revisiting the loss of V2 in French [abstract]
Anthony Kroch & Beatrice Santorini, University of Pennsylvania
12:50 pm LUNCH: Eat at Philadelphia's historic Reading Terminal Market!
Don't miss a chance to see some of Philly's downtown and grab a delicious bite to eat at the same time. If you're interested, be ready to leave at 1 pm at the JMHH Locust Walk entrance. Make sure you have two SEPTA tokens (available at the registration desk) or $4 in dollar bills.
For those who wish to stay on campus, there are two Au Bon Pain cafes located in JMHH, and a variety of nearby restaurants and food venues.

SESSION 3A: Pragmatics and its Interfaces
Chair: Lance Nathan (JMHH Room 260)

SESSION 3B: Phonology
Chair: Maya Ravindranath (JMHH Room 265)

2:45 pm Korean Honorific Agreement too Guides Null Argument Resolution: Evidence from an Offline Study [abstract]
Lucy Kyoungsook Kim, University of Southern California
Comparing incomparable frameworks - A model theoretic approach to phonology [abstract]
Thomas Graf, University of California, Los Angeles
3:10 pm Refining salience and the Position of Antecedent Hypothesis: a study of Catalan pronouns [abstract]
Laia Mayol, University of Pennsylvania
Too-many-solutions and reference to position in serial OT [abstract]
Peter Staroverov, Rutgers University
3:35 pm The cost of being cooperative: Details of the effort in processing scalar implicature [abstract]
Erin Tavano & Elsi Kaiser, University of Southern California
Phonological Derivation by Phase: Evidence from Basque [abstract]
Bridget Samuels, Harvard University
4:00 pm On the Lack of Intervention Effects in Amharic [abstract]
Aviad Eilam, University of Pennsylvania
Implications of affix-protecting junctural underapplication [abstract]
Matthew Wolf, Georgetown University
4:25 pm Variation in Loan phonology: The Case of Spanish Loanwords in Triqui [abstract]
Ruth Scipione, University at Albany, SUNY
Spelling out syntactic constituents as prosodic domains: Match constraints and the syntax-prosodic structure interface [abstract]
Elisabeth Selkirk, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (JMHH Forum)

9:00 pm PARTY! (Information and directions will be included in the final program.)

SUNDAY, March 29, 2009

SESSION 4A: Syntax
Chair: Aviad Eilam (JMHH Room 260)

SESSION 4B: Psycholinguistics
Chair: Carolyn M. Quam (JMHH Room 265)

10:15 am Mandarin 'even', 'all' and the Trigger of Focus Movement [abstract]
Noah Constant & Chloe Chenjie Gu, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Processing Lexical Semantics without Lexical Encoding [abstract]
Kyle Grove, Cornell University
10:40 am Russian Subjunctive Puzzles [abstract]
Andrei Antonenko, Stony Brook University
Examining the “Noun Bias”: A Structural Approach [abstract]
Rajdip Dhillon, Yale University
11:05 pm On the Categorial Status of A/De ce que [abstract]
Marc Authier & Lisa Reed, The Pennsylvania State University
On Memory Distinctiveness and Syntactic Encoding [abstract]
Julie Van Dyke, Haskins Laboratories
11:30 pm Clearing up the 'Facts' on Complementation [abstract]
Carlos de Cuba & Barbara Ürögdi, Stony Brook University & Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Passives in first language acquisition: What causes the delay? [abstract]
Susannah Kirby, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
11:55 am BREAK

SESSION 5A: Syntax
Chair: Joel Wallenberg (JMHH Room 260)

SESSION 5B: Semantics
Chair: Laia Mayol (JMHH Room 265)

12:10 pm Japanese multiple nominative constructions: The view of Antisymmetry [abstract]
Miho Nagai, City University of New York, Graduate Center
Explaining a restriction on the scope of the comparative operator [abstract]
Daniel Lassiter, New York University
12:35 pm Modern Irish Verbal Endings as Pronouns [abstract]
C.E.A. Diertani, University of Pennsylvania
Japanese Embedded Questions as Internally Headed Relative Clauses: Evidence from QVE [abstract]
Satoshi Tomioka, University of Delaware
1:00 pm Alienable-inalienable asymmetry in Japanese and Korean possessors [abstract]
Tomoko Ishizuka, University of California, Los Angeles
Counting And Collective Predication [abstract]
Luka Crnic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1:25 pm Japanese Left Node Raising as ATB-scrambling [abstract]
Chizuru Nakao, University of Maryland, College Park
Pronominal Modifiers [abstract]
Roberto Zamparelli, Università di Trento
1:50 am END OF PLC 33