2:00-7:00 pm



Special Session: Distributed Morphology
(JMHH Room 340)

3:00 pm Opening remarks
Dave Embick & Rolf Noyer, University of Pennsylvania
3:15 pm Syntactically driven cyclicity vs. output-output correspondence: the case of Adjunction in diminutive morphology [abstract]
Asaf Bachrach & Michael Wagner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Cornell University
3:40 pm Fission and Improverishment in German verb inflection [abstract]
Gereon Mueller, University of Leipzig
4:05 pm Default case and the status of compound categories in Distributed Morphology [abstract]
Thomas Mcfadden, University of Stuttgart
4:30 pm Obliteration vs. impoverishment in the Basque g-/z- constraint [abstract]
Karlos Arregi & Andrew Nevins, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign & Harvard University
4:55 pm BREAK
5:20 pm On Fusion and the architecture of PF [abstract]
ason Kandybowicz, University of California, Los Angeles
5:45 pm Distributed morphological mechanisms of Smith Island weren't leveling [abstract]
Jeffrey Parrott, Georgetown University
6:10 pm The determinations of the spell-out of v in the Amharic and Oromo morphological causatives [abstract]
Tomoyuki Yabe, The City University of New York


9 am-4:15 pm



SESSION 1A: Syntax
Chair: Alexander Williams (JMHH Room 240)

SESSION 1B: Phonology/Phonetics
Chair: Ronald Kim (JMHH Room 245)

9:15 am


Variations in Meinhof's Law: An optimal theoretical analysis [abstract]
Long Peng,
State University of New York at Oswego

9:40 am

On the complement of the intensional transitive "want" [abstract]
Franc Marusic
& Rok Zaucer, Stony Brook University & University of Ottawa

The effects of phonetic gestures and phonological rules on intergestural timing relations [abstract]
Gwanhi Yun,
University of Arizona

10:05 am

Split Topicalisation - Motivating the split  [abstract]
Anna Mcnay,
University of Oxford 

Rules, constraints, and overlapping violations: The case of Acoma accent loss [abstract]
Joan Chen-main,
Johns Hopkins University

10:30 am

Structural integration and discourse function of English wh-clefts [abstract]
Sebastian Ross-
Hagebaum & Chris Koops, Rice University

On the convergence of positional markedness and morphemic presence [abstract]
Shakuntala Mahanta, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics 

10:55 am



SESSION 2A: Acquisition
Chair: Sudha Arunachalam (JMHH Room 240)

SESSION 2B: Syntax/Semantics Interface
Chair: Tatjana Scheffler (JMHH Room 245)

11:10 am

The development of the syntax-pragmatics interface in early child: Evidence from Greek [abstract]
Konstantia Kapetangianni,
University of Michigan

Solving middle syntax with Tagalog morphology [abstract]
Jillian Mills, Massachuset
ts Institute of Technology

11:35 am

Children's comprehension of epistemic modality [abstract]
Anna Papafragou & Ozge Isik Ozturk,
University of Delaware 

Infinitives are tenseless [abstract]
Susi Wurmbrand, 
University of Connecticut


Morphological Learning and Root Infinitives [abstract]
Julie Anne Legate & Charles Yang, University of Delaware & Yale University

 Finding arguments for pseudo-resultative predicates [abstract]
Lisa Levinson,
New York University

12:25 pm


Inclusive reference and anaphoric dependencies: A crosslinguistic analysis [abstract]
Sean Madigan & Masahiro Yamada,
University of Delaware

12:50 pm

For those who wish to stay on campus, there are two Au Bon Pain cafes located in JMHH, and a variety of nearby restaurants and food venues.


SESSION 3A: Sociolinguistics/Historical Linguistics
Chair: Damien Hall (JMHH Room 240)

SESSION 3B: Syntax
Chair: Remus Gergel (JMHH Room 245)

2:45 pm

Layers of borrowing in a multilingual society: Transfer and calquing as changes from above in Papiamentu passive constructions [abstract]
Tara Sanchez,
Michigan State University 

Split-NPs as an instance of sideward movement [abstract]
Dorian Roehrs,
Indiana University

3:10 pm

"We act like girls and we don't act like men": The use of male-associated (ay0) in South Philadelphia [abstract]
Suzanne Evans Wagner,
University of Pennsylvania

These HERE adjectives [abstract]
Thomas Leu,
New York University

3:35 pm

The margin of merger in Southeastern New England: A geographic and historical investigation [abstract]
iel Ezra Johnson, University of Pennsylvania

Restructuring in Japanese revisited: A phrasal movement analysis of purpose expression [abstract]

Yukiko Asano, Stony Brook University

4:00 pm

"Sporadic" syncope and Latin phonology's wicked stepmother [abstract]
Aaron Dinkin,
University of Pennsylvania

Contrastivity and deletion: A feature-based account of Ellipsis [abstract]
Kirsten Gengel, University of Stuttgart

4:25 pm


6:00 pm

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Direct Compositionality and Variable Free Semantics: Taking the Surprise out of "Complex Variables" [abstract]
Pauline Jacobson, Brown University (JMHH Room G06)

9:00 pm

PARTY! (Information and directions will be included in the final program.) 


9:45 am-3 pm



SESSION 1A: Semantics
Chair: Sophia Malamud (JMHH Room 240)

SESSION 1B: Syntax
Chair: Tom McFadden (JMHH Room 245)

10:15 am


A-bar interveners in Wh questions [abstract]
Hyunjoo Kim,
Rutgers University

10:40 am

A compositional variable-free passive [abstract]
Robert Young,
Cornell University

NPI licensing and head movement [abstract]
Haruko Matsui,
University of Tsukuba, McGill University 

11:05 am

Measuring times [abstract]
Aniko Csirma
z, Carleton College

Extending the PP hierarchy: The role of bare nominals in spatial predication [abstract]
David Stringer,
Mie University

11:30 am

Adjective ordering restrictions and the interface between meaning and form [abstract]
lexandra Teodorescu, University of Texas at Austin and McGill University

A/A' asymmetry: Finiteness sensitivity in Wh-movement  [abstract]
Miki Obata,
University of Tsukuba & McGill University 

11:55 am



SESSION 2A: Syntax
Chair: Joel Wallenberg (JMHH Room 240)

SESSION 2B: Morphology
Chair: Marjorie Pak (JMHH Room 245)

12:10 pm

The CSC as an LF condition: Evidence from Neg-raising in Japanese [abstract]
Takaomi Kato,
Harvard University

Split ergativity in Nepali and its typological significance [abstract]
Chao Li,
Yale University

12:35 pm

The syntactic structure of grammaticalised partitives (pseudo-partitives) [abstract]
Pawel Rutkowski,
Warsaw University and Yale University

An optimality theoretical account of full and partial identity of forms [abstract]
Zheng Xu,
Stony Brook University

1:00 pm

Requirements for a unified binding theory: Lessons from Halkomelem Salish [abstract]
Dennis Ryan Storoshenko, Simon Fraser University


1:25 pm


1:45 pm

IGERT lunch (JMHH Room 240)

John Trueswell will talk about Penn's new training program in Language and Communication Sciences


3:00 pm

End of PLC 30