SESSION 1: Historical Syntax and Morphology (Chair: Tony Kroch)

3:30 pm

Clitic-placement in the History of Portuguese and the Syntax-Phonology Interface

Charlotte Galves
State University of Campinas

3:55 pm

On the pronominal inflection of the Germanic strong adjective

Thomas McFadden
University of Pennsylvania

4:20 pm


SESSION 2: Historical Syntax of English (Chair: Tom McFadden)

4:35 pm

Topicalization and the Trochaic Requirement

Augustin Speyer
University of Pennsylvania

5:00 pm

The Discourse Function of Topics in Late Middle English and Early Modern English and their Relationship to Subject-Verb Inversion

Laura Whitton
University of Pennsylvania

5:25 pm

The effect of unaccusativity in the VS order in English

Silvia Regina de Oliveira Cavalcante
State University of Campinas


SESSION 1: Sociolinguistics (Chair: Uri Horesh)

9:30 am

When phonology goes haywire in dying languages: The role of external and internal factors in recent developments in Texas German

Hans C. Boas; Karen Ewing; Cheryl Heckmann; Jana Thompson
University of Texas at Austin

9:55 am

From content to grammar: A reanalysis of Afro-Portuguese Creole’s verbs of speaking

Gerardo Augusto Lorenzino
Temple University

10:20 am

Lagged Co-occurrence Analysis Reveals Gender Differences of Co-occurence Patterns in Personal Narratives

Shuki Cohen
New York University

10:45 am

The Impact of Swiss German on the Grammar of a Western Yiddish dialect. A Case Study in Language Contact

Jurg Fleischer
University of Zurich

11:10 am


SESSION 2: Mathematical Linguistics (Chair: Tsan-Kuang Lee)

11:25 am

Too Many Languages Satisfy Ogden’s Lemma

Marcus Kracht
University of California at Los Angeles

11:50 am

Probabilistic model-theoretic semantics for ‘want’

Dmitry Levinson
Tel-Aviv University

12:15 pm


SESSION 3: Syntax (Chair: Alexander Williams)

1:30 pm

Multiple Superiority Effects in Basque

Youngmi Jeong
University of Maryland

1:55 pm

Topic and Focus in Polish - A Preliminary Study

Karolina Owczarzak
Eastern Michigan University

2:20 pm

The Structure of Sluicing in Mandarin Chinese

Perng Wang Adams
University of Delaware

2:45 pm



3:00 pm

In the complement of ‘deny’

Lucia Tovena
Universite de Lille

3:25 pm

ACD and Discourse Relations

Maribel Romero
University of Pennsylvania;
Daniel Hardt
Cophenhagen Business School

3:50 pm

Who gives a damn about the environment? - Minimizers in Questions

Klaus Abels
University of Connecticut

4:15 pm


KEYNOTE LECTURE (Introduction: Robin Clark)

4:30-5:30 pm

A Compositional Characterization of the Definiteness Effect in Existential-There Ss (html)

Edward Keenan
University of California at Los Angeles

8:00 pm



PANEL: Goffman’s Legacy and Future Study of Language Interaction

10:00 am

Stigma, Frame and Footing: Women Negotiating Military Roles

Edie Disler
Georgetown University

10:15 am

Two approaches to negotiating positions in interaction-- Goffman's (1981) Footing and Davies and Harre's (1999) Positioning theory

Diana Marinova
Georgetown University

10:30 am

Frame Analysis and Brazilian Narratives of Social Discrimination

Mercia Santana Flannery
Georgetown University

10:45 am


11:00 am

Using Goffman in Discourse Analysis

Margaret Toye
Georgetown University

11:15 am

Deference, Demeanor, and Codeswitching in Thai and Lao

Peter Vail
Cornell University

11:30 am

Non-verbal Navigational Tools of Turn-Taking

Laura Wright
Georgetown University

11:45 am


Led by: Deborah Schiffrin (
Georgetown University

SESSION 1: Language Acquisition I (Chair: Elsi Kaiser)

10:25 am

Context and scalar inference

Anna Papafragou
University of Pennsylvania;
Niki Tantalou
John Hopkins University

10:50 am

Child Production of Quechua Relative Clauses

Ellen Courtney
East Carolina University

11:15 am

The acquisition of perfective and imperfective passive constructions in Russian

Maria Babyonyshev; Dina Brun
Yale University

11:40 am


SESSION 2: Language Acquisition II (Chair: Anna Papafragou)

11:55 am

Ditransitives and acquisition

Kieran Snyder
University of Pennsylvania

12:20 pm

Relative Clause Attachment Preferences in Second Language Learners’ Parsing Performance

Guillermo A. Rodríguez
University of Pittsburgh

12:45 pm


SESSION 2: Phonology (Chair: Gene Buckley)

2:00 pm

Gestural coordination and the distribution of English ‘geminates’

Stefan Benus; Adamantios Gafos
New York University

Iris Smorodinsky
Haskins Laboratories

2:25 pm

Linearizing Nested and Overlapping Precedence in Multiple Reduplication

Andrew Nevins; Justin Fitzpatrick
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2:50 pm

Epenthesis and Misalignment: Vowel-initial Stems in Bantu Consonant Mutation

Long Peng
State University of New York at Oswego

The Penn Linguistics Consortium is an annual conference organized by graduate students in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. This event is supported by funding from GSAC. For more information, visit