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The PLC23 committee proundly announces the winner of the first official PLC23 t-shirt design contest...

# 2 **WINNER!!**
Design by: Cassandre Creswell
(left: back / above: front)
View the press release here.

We would like to thank all the other contestants who so bravely fought for the victory but lost gracefully...(i.e. thanks, and try again next year!!)

# 1 Design by: Anonymous

# 3 Design by: Eon-Suk Ko

# 4 Design by: Kieran Snyder

# 5 Design by: Na-Rae Han

#6 Design by: Patricia Chow

We thank you all penn linguists for your participation and interest in this event!
Please check out when the real t-shirts come out...

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