List of Abstracts (in alphabetic order)


Angelika Kratzer
Self-action, middles, and reflexive pronouns


Eric Bakovic
Assimilation to the unmarked

Farida Cassimjee and Charles W. Kisseberth
A conspiracy argument for OT from Emakhuwa dialectology

Bozena Cetnarowska
Interaction of prosodic and syntactic constraints in English and Polish nominals

Nila Friedberg
Constraints measure metrical intuitions

Ben Hermans
A constraint based analysis of an opacity effect

Alexei Kochetov
A hierarchy of phonetic constraints on palatality in Russian


Marlyse Baptista
On the non-universality of functional projections and the effects on parametrized variation: evidence from Creoles

Natalie Batman-Ratyosan, Karin Stromswold
What Turkish acquisition tells us about underlying word order and scrambling

Emily Bender
Deconstructing register: Null objects in English recipes revisited

Cedric Boeckx
Decomposing French questions

Barbara Citko
Conditionals and relatives

Cathal Doherty
Verbal morphology and clausal projections in early Irish

Kristin M. Eide and Tor A. Afarli
Semantically charged syntax and the construction of meaning

Stefan Engelberg
'Punctuality' and verb semantics

Miho Fujiwara
Acquisition of default inflectional suffix: Japanese adjectivals

Elena Gavruseva & Rosalind Thornton
Possessor extraction in child English: A Minimalist account

Kook-Hee Gill
The long-distance anaphora conspiracy: The case of Korean

Jeanette Gundel
Topic, focus, and the grammar-pragmatics interface

J.-R. Hayashishita
Two ways of 'wide-scope taking'

Ronald Kim
The origin of the Pre-Ossetic oblique case suffix and its implications

Eon-Suk Ko
Phonetics and phonology of vocative chant variation in Korean

Bill Labov
The role of outliers in linguistic change in progress

William McClure
Floating Japanese classifiers

Martha McGinnis
A-scrambling exists!

Michelle Minnick-Fox and Kazuaki Maeda
Perception and production of American English tense and lax vowels of Japanese speakers

Masao Ochi and Tien-Hsin Hsin
The syntax of adjunct wh-NPs

Kieran Snyder
Reflexives and constraints on the borrowing of discourse function: creoles and Tahitian French

Mikael Vinka
Two types of verb particle constructions

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