The 23rd Penn Linguistics Colloquium

The 23rd Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium will take place on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 February 1999 at the University of Pennsylvania.

Our invited speaker is professor Angelika Kratzer from the University of Massachusetts.

We welcome papers on any topic in linguistics and related fields. This year's Colloquium will feature a special session on applications of constraint based approaches in any of the subfields of linguistics, including but not limited to phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics-pragmatics, computational linguistics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, and language acquisition.

Past Notices


We, the PLC organizing committee, would like to thank you all, both the presenters and the audience, for taking part in this past weekend's 23rd Penn Linguistics Colloquium. We hope you enjoyed the colloquium.
If you have any suggestions for improvement of future PLCs, please send them to so we can pass them along to next year's PLC organizing committee. A representative of the Penn Working Papers in Linguistics will be in touch with you about your paper in the coming weeks. Please refer to the Penn Working Papers in Linguistics web page for information on past volumes, submission instructions and so on.

**PLC23 Official T-shirt Design Contest!!**
We are holding a contest on the design of our 23rd Penn Linguistics Colloquium official T-shirt.
A special event for Penn linguistics community!
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The Colloquium
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Previously held Penn Linguistics Colloquium: PLC22 (1998), PLC21 (1997)
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