FRIDAY, March 18, 2011

REGISTRATION (Claudia Cohen Hall)

Special Panel on Language Acquisition
(Claudia Cohen Hall, room G17 (auditorium))

2:00 pm

Jeff Lidz (University of Maryland, Linguistics)

2:25 pm

Anna Papafragou (University of Delaware, Psychology)

2:50 pm

First Question Period

3:20 pm

Coffee Break

3:40 pm

Jennifer Smith (University of Glasgow, Linguistics)

4:05 pm

Charles Yang (University of Pennsylvania, Linguistics)

4:35 pm

Second Question Period

5:00 pm

Reception! (lobby at Claudia Cohen Hall)

SATURDAY, March 19, 2011

8:30 am-7:00 pm


8:30 am


SESSION 1A: Syntax/Semantics
Chair: Jana Beck (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 1B: Psycholinguistics
Chair: Kyle Gorman (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

9:15 am

The Indefinite Article- Indefinite? Article?
Thomas Leu,
Yale University [abstract]

Using Salience and Hypothesis Evaluation to Learn Object Names in Real Time
Jon Stevens,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

9:40 am

Pronouns in Irrealis Infinitives: Structure and Licensing
Natalia Fitzgibbons,
Concordia University [abstract]

Language and Categorical Perception of Color
Ozge Ozturk,
New York University, Shakila Shayan, Ulf Liszkowski, Asifa Majid, Max Planck institute for Psycholinguistics [abstract]

10:05 am

Complementizers and assertive predicates: A window into their syntax and pragmatics
Fransisco Jos
é Fernández Rubiera, Universitat d'Alacant [abstract]

Is there a difference between "you" and "I"? A psycholinguistic investigation of the Chinese reflexive ziji
Xiao He, Elsi Kaiser,
University of Southern California [abstract]

10:30 am

The Derivational Nature of External Possession
Jisung Sun,
Stony Brook University [abstract]

Numeric cognition among speakers of the Jarawara language
Caleb Everett,
University of Miami [abstract]

10:55 am


SESSION 2A: Movement (Syntax)
Chair: Satoshi Nambu (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 2B: Phonology
Chair: Yanyan Sui (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

11:10 am

A Movement Analysis of French Modal Ellipsis
Marc Authier,
Penn State University [abstract]

Vowel Harmony in Mbili Verbs
Zenghong Jia,
University of Delaware [abstract]

11:35 am

On the Islandhood of Double Complementizers in Spanish
Julio Villa-Garcia,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

Explaining the Final Vowel Mismatch in Zulu Reduplication
Toni Cook,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]


Cleft constructions in Japanese: New Evidence for the Base-generation Analysis
Yasuhiko Miura,
University of Southern California [abstract]

The Role of Negative and Positive Evidence in Adult Phonological Learning
Sara Finley, University of Rochester [abstract]

12:25 pm

Change in Prosody as an Alternative: Evidence from Acquisition
Roksolana Mykhaylyk,
CASTL, University of Tromso [abstract]

Syntax and Prosody in Kashaya Phrasal Accent
Eugene Buckley, John Gluckman,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

12:50 pm

LUNCH: There are a variety of nearby restaurants and food venues.

SESSION 3A: Argument Structure (Syntax)
Chair: Caitlin Light (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 3B: Semantics
Chair: Catherine Lai (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

2:30 pm

Morphology-Syntax Interface: the relation between prefixes of Brazilian Portuguese and argument structure
á Bassani, University of São Paulo [abstract]

Prosody and semantics of the focus particles always and only in Korean: Theoretical implications from a perception experiment
Yong-cheol Lee, Satoshi Nambu,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

2:55 pm

The Causative-Anticausative Alternation Revisited
Julia Horvath, Tal Siloni,
Tel Aviv University [abstract]

Semantic effects on pronouns and reflexives in picture-NPs: Similarities and differences
Elsi Kaiser, Monica Do,
University of Southern California [abstract]

3:20 pm

Optional Se-Constructions in Romance: Syntactic Encoding of Conceptual Information
Cinzia Campanini, Florian Schaefer,
University of Stuttgart [abstract]

Why short form functional reading answers are not possible in multiple wh-questions
Jungmin Kang,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

3:45 pm

On the role of Experiencer in the Interaction of Aspect and Unaccusativity in Russian
Zhanna Glushan,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

Asymmetries in the Scope Behavior of Quantifiers
Michael Freedman,
Yale University [abstract]

4:10 pm

An Asymmetric Theory of Korean Ditransitives: Evidence from Idioms
Lan Kim, University of Delaware [abstract]

Lexicalized Focus on Tense: AAE Remote Past BIN as a Variation on Verum Focus
Brittany McLaughlin,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

4:35 pm


5:30 pm-7 pm

Competence, Performance, and Language Acquisition

Virginia Valian, CUNY, Hunter College

9:00 pm

PARTY! (Information and directions will be included in the registration packet.)

SUNDAY, March 20, 2011

9:45 am-1:25 pm


9:45 am


SESSION 4A: Syntax
Chair: Aviad Eilam (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 4B: Socio/Historical
Chair: Brittany McLaughlin (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

10:15 am

Null Subject Behavior in the Attrition of Brazilian Portuguese
Tammer Castro
, Florida International University [abstract]

Linguistic change in rural child and adolescent Syrian Arabic
Rania Habib,
Syracuse University [abstract]

10:40 am

Clitic Right Dislocation in absence of clitics: a case study in trilingual acquisition
Megan Devlin, Raffaella Folli, Alison Henry, Christina Sevdali
, University of Ulster [abstract]

Rule insertion revisited
Jonathan Gress-Wright,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

11:05 am

Case Asymmetries in Korean
Junghyoe Yoon, Yoshihisa Kitagawa,
Indiana University [abstract]

Redevelopment of a Morphological Class
Josef Fruehwald,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

11:30 am

Syntactic positions of bare NPs in Turkish: Some implications from Aspect and Prosody
Miho Nagai,
CUNY Graduate Center, Oner Ozcelik, McGill University [abstract]

The information structure of subject extraposition in Early New High German
Caitlin Light,
University of Pennsylvania [abstract]

11:55 am


SESSION 5A: Minimalism (Syntax)
Chair: Toni Cook (Cohen Hall G17)

SESSION 5B: Phonology
Chair: Laurel MacKenzie (Cohen Hall Terrace Room)

12:10 pm

Adjunction, Phases, and Complex Predicates in Japanese
Masahiko Takahashi,
University of Connecticut [abstract]

Nasal place assimilation and the perceptibility of place contrasts
Kelly Garvey, Shigeto Kawahara,
Rutgers University [abstract]

12:35 pm

Toward a Phase Account of Dependent Case
Ivona Kucerova,
McMaster University [abstract]

The role of perception in loanword adaptation: Evidences from Nepali
Cesar Koirala,
University of Delaware [abstract]

1:00 pm

What can resumption in Serbo-Croatian tell us about the interpretability of features?
Ivana Mitrovic,
Stony Brook University [abstract]

1:25 pm