Charles Yang
(Ph.D. in Computer Science, MIT 2000)

Department of Linguistics, Computer Science & Psychology
Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Email: charles.yang❂
Permanent Email: charles.yang❂
Office: Williams 608
Phone: 215-898-7849

Cognitive Science Majors

As of Jan 1st 2012, I will be assuming the role of the interim Director of Undergraduate Studies in Cognitive Science.  Meanwhile, I am available for student advising, which will be held on Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm at the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (IRCS), Rm 477, 3401 Walnut Street.

When email, it's best to use your official Penn email address as messages from other accounts are sometimes filed away by my spam filters.

Research & Teaching Interests
 I previously taught linguistics and psychology at Yale.

The Infinite Gift

Knowledge and Learning in Natural Language

Some Research Papers

Recent student collaborators: Kyle Gorman, Constantine Lignos, Jon Stevens