Rolf Noyer

Associate Professor of Linguistics
University of Pennsylvania

Address Department of Linguistics 
619 Williams Hall 
University of Pennsylvania 
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305
Office 603 Williams Hall

Office Hours
(215) 573-9232 
(215) 573-2091 
rnoyer AT
Tu 4:30-6:30, W 11:00-1:00

Note: As of July 1, 2011 I am no longer serving as undergraduate chair of linguistics. Prof. Gillian Sankoff is taking over for me in that role and all questions relating to the undergraduate major or minor in linguistics, or transfer credits or study-abroad credits in linguistics, must now be directed to her.

I will, however, continue to serve as Director for the Program in Cognitive Science until the end of calendar year 2011. If you are an undergraduate interested in a major or minor in Cognitive Science in SAS, please send me an email to schedule an appointment.

Research Interests

Theoretical areas: Morphology, Phonology, Morphosyntax, Generative Metrics

Language areas: Huave (Mexico), Mansi (Siberia)

Ingreso al Diccionario Comparativo-Histórico de la Lengua Huave

Note: El diccionario huave está actualmente en mantenimiento y no está disponible. Por favor regrese en breve.

Nadam Nadam Nawijk

Please visit the Distributed Morphology Web Page.

Courses offered fall 2011

  • Linguistics 51: Proto-Indo-European Language and Society (freshman seminar) 

  • Linguistics 530Phonology I. 


    Member of the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science.