Linguistic humor, The name of this place

Source: Courtesy of Joe Schallan

A University of Pennsylvania English prof is vacationing in New Mexico. Having "done" Taos, he heads down U.S. Highway 285 to Santa Fe. Just north of the city, he enters a small town and is greeted by signage:


"What a peculiar name," he notes to himself.

He's hungry and quickly spots a fast food establishment in what passes for the center of the little town. Goes in and is pleasantly greeted by a young lady he assumes is a local resident.

"May I take your order, sir?" says she.

He leans over the counter. "Sure," he says, "but listen, I'm traveling through here. How do you pronounce the name of this place?"

She leans back over to him and says slowly and carefully: "BURG - ER - KING."