Linguistic humor, The Simpsons

Source: The Simpsons, via Heidi Harley.


Background: The Simpsons' house has been broken into on Christmas Eve, and all their Christmas presents and decorations have been stolen. Homer is relating his woes to Moe, the barman, and Moe sympathizes: "You know what I blame this on the breakdown of?


Background: Homer has brought his family along on a business team-building exercise in the woods, and Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are stuck in the National Park Service building, while all the employees are off team-building (Homer and Burns eventually get trapped in a cabin by an avalanche). Bart is standing in front of a Smokey the Bear statue, who has an electronic voice and a little quiz to administer. Bart and Smokey have the following exchange.
Smokey: (electronic intonation) Who is the only one who can stop forest fires?
Bart: (examines response panel, which has two buttons, marked "you" and "me", and presses "you")
Smokey: (electronic intonation) "You pressed YOU, meaning me. This is incorrect. You should have pressed ME, meaning you."