Linguistic humor, Low German

Source: The Ethnologue page for Germany (accessed 21 Sep 99, emphasis in boldface added), via Martha McGinnis and Hotze Rullmann.
GERMAN, LOW (PLATTDEUTSCH) [GEP] Northern Germany. Indo-European, Germanic, West, Continental, Low. Dialects: EAST LOW GERMAN (ALTMARK, BRANDENBURG, MECKLENBURG, POMERANIA, PRIEGNITZ, UKERMARK), LOW FRANCONIAN (BERGISH, GELDERSCH, LIMBURGISCH). 20 to 30 inherently unintelligible varieties spoken in Germany alone. Low German refers to varieties in the lower Rhine region, below a line from Aachen to Wittenberg, which did not experience the second consonantal shift of the 8th and 9th centuries (J. Thiessen, U. of Winnipeg 1976). Most speakers in Germany are bilingual in Standard German. Bible 1478–1534. NT 1984. Bible portions 1475–1926.