Linguistics 300, F08, Solution to Assignment 3

Here are the eight errors that I introduced into the spreadsheet. The ones based on mathematical impossibility were much easier to find than the others.

authnew genre should be "Bible", not "comedy"
chaplain CharsRaw shouldn't be larger than CharsOC
deloney Sentences can't be negative
edmondes WordTypesRaw shouldn't be larger than WordTokensRaw
elizabeth-1570 Sex should be female
proposal DOB can't be 1361
stat-1690 DOC can't be 1967
tunstall DOB shouldn't be later than DOC

In addition to the errors I introduced, you also found several genuine errors! Here they are:

alhatton DOC should be 1700, not 1687
milton DOB should be 1608, not 1670
montague DOB should be 1635, not 1680
nhadd-1710 DOC should be 1719, not 1706
somers DOB should be 1651, not 1561

I've made the corrections in the spreadsheet for Assignment 4. It's probably wise to make the corrections on Sheet 2 of the spreadsheet that you're currently using in connection with that assignment (in case you end up using the spreadsheet for other purposes). But you don't need to redo your calculations, as the dates of births are irrelevant for the calculations, and alhatton is in the right time period despite the error in the date of composition.

There were some other suspicious numbers that you pointed out (for instance, the unusually large number of words per sentences in ambass and marches), but these turn out to be legitimate.