Information on ryder-1716

Author Ryder, Sir Dudley
Birthdate b. 1691, d. 1756
Filename ryder-1716
Manuscript papers belonging to the earl of Harrowby
Date of composition 1716
Edition Matthews, William (ed.). 1939. The diary of Dudley Ryder, 1715-1716; transcribed from shorthand and edited by William Matthews. London: Methuen.
ESTC number
Gale number
Sample 161.1-186.25
Remarks "I have not felt justified in following the lead of Pepys's editors by giving an antique spelling to the transcription from shorthand, and so have thought it better to regularize the whole. I have not interfered, however, with the variant grammatical forms; and, except for the few words in square brackets, I have not filled in the occasional omissions of pronouns, etc. The shorthand does not provide punctuation marks; so the punctuation, which has been kept to a minimum, and the paragraphing are mine, too" (Williams 1939:viii-ix).