Information on knyveton-1752-actually-gray-1937

Author Knyveton, John
Birthdate b. 1729, d. 1809
Filename knyveton-1752-actually-gray-1937
Manuscript n/a
Date of composition 1751-1752
Edition Gray, Ernest (ed.). 1937. The diary of a surgeon in the year 1751-1752. New York: Appleton.
ESTC number ?
Gale number no
Sample 141.1-180.9
Remarks This text is a 20th-century hoax; an indication of its non-authentic character is the very high incidence of unemphatic affirmative do. According to the Wikipedia entry on fake memoirs (accessed March 9, 2016), "John Knyveton (actually Ernest Gray) wrote three medical diaries: The Diary of a Surgeon in the Year 1751-1752, edited and transcribed by Ernest Gray, New York, D. Appleton-Century (1938); Surgeon's Mate: the diary of John Knyveton, surgeon in the British fleet during the Seven Years War 1756-1762, edited and transcribed by Ernest Gray, London, Robert Hale (1942); and Man midwife; the further experiences of John Knyveton, M.D., late surgeon in the British fleet, during the years 1763-1809, edited and narrated by Ernest Gray, London, Robert Hale (1946). These three diaries were well received when published, but doubts were later raised about their authenticity. They are now known to be fictitious, written by Ernest Gray and loosely based on a short biography of Dr Thomas Denman, 1733-1815."