Information on holmes-letters-1749

Author n/a
Birthdate n/a
Filename holmes-letters-1749
Manuscript n/a
Date of composition 1749 (published 1751)
Edition Minutes of the proceedings at the trial of Captain Holmes, of His Majesty's ship the Lenox, by a court-martial, held on board His Majesty's yacht the Charlotte, at Deptford. For his conduct and behaviour in an engagement with a Spanish squadron on the first of October, 1748. London, 1751.
ESTC number N022109
Gale number CW124290488
Sample 32.20-36.18, 36.25-37.22, 84.16-92.28, 95.14-97.31, 103.5-113.20 (holmes-letters-1749)
Remarks Exhaustive sample of letters included in trial transcript. Shortfall in quota in holmes-letters-1749 made up by george-1763 (pp. 180.1-200.16).

Remainder of trial is in holmes-trial-1749.