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Author Turner, William
Birthdate b. c1508, d. 1568 (Encyclopedia Britannica)
Filename turnerherb-e1
Manuscript n/a
Date of composition 1562
Edition Chapman, George T.L. and Marilyn N. Tweddle (eds.). 1995. A new herball, by William Turner. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
EEBO image
Sample 70.39-72.17
Remarks Supplements turner-e1.
The volume contains two versions of text: one with original typeface, the other in modern typeface. The corpus uses the modern typeface, but with reference to the page numbers of the original text. The original text has two sets of page numbers: the original page numbers and those supplied by the modern editors. Because the original page numbers, located in the upper right, count only the numbers on righthand pages, and because the text in modern typeface refers to the later numbers, the corpus uses the latter.

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