Edition used for state trials

Having been unable to access the second edition of the State Trials used by Helsinki, we use the fourth edition, an exact reprint of the third edition, which is itself materially identical to the second edition (see below), indicating differences with regard to pagination.

According to Soule, Lawyers' reference manual, 1884, "the first edition of the State trials, in four volumes, folio, followed immediately by a fifth, appeared anonymously in 1719, but was acknowledged to be prepared by Thomas Salmon ... The second edition appeared in folio in 1730, with changes, and a new (sixth) volume. This edition was also anonymous, but was known to be by Sollom Emlyn ... The third edition, in six volumes, folio, without material changes, was issued in 1742. Meanwhile, two additional folio volumes, the seventh and eighth, had been published (in 1735) ... These were not included in the third edition of 1742, but were reprinted, without alteration, in 1766, together with two more folio volumes, the ninth and tenth, bringing the trials down to [1765]."

Helsinki gives the editor of the second edition as Francis Hargrave, which is inconsistent both with the above information and with Hargrave's date of birth, given by www.franklin.library.upenn.edu as 1741.