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Author Oxinden, Richard, junior
Birthdate b. 1613
Filename roxinden2-e2
Manuscript Letter 32: Brit. Mus. Add. 27,999, f. 79
Letter 68: Brit. Mus. Add. 27,999, f. 168
Date of composition 1629-1631
Edition Gardiner, Dorothy (ed.). 1933. The Oxinden letters 1607-1642. Being the correspondence of Henry Oxinden of Barham and his circle. London: Constable.
Sample 43.26-44.16 (32) (Penn 1),
79.23-80.33 (68) (Penn 2)
Remarks Supplements roxinden.
Author son of Richard Oxinden of Barham (roxinden-e2) and Katherine Oxinden (koxinden-e2). For more information, see Oxinden kinship relations.

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