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Author Mary Tudor, queen of France, later Mary Brandon, duchess of Suffolk
Birthdate b. 1496, d. 1533 (Encyclopedia Britannica)
Filename mtudor-1510-e1, mtudor-1520-e1
Manuscript Letter 39: Ms. Cotton. Calig. D. VI. fol. 253. Orig.
Letter 40: Ms. Cotton. Calig. D. VI. fol. 143. Orig.
Letter 41: Ms. Cotton. Vesp. F. III. fol. 202b. Orig.
Letter 42: Ms. Cotton. Vesp. F. III. fol. 17b
Letter 43: Ms. Cotton. Calig. B. VI. fol. 106. Orig.
Letter 99: Harl. Ms. 6986, Art. 6. Orig.
Date of composition 1515 (mtudor-1510-e1), 1528 (mtudor-1520-e1)
Edition Ellis, Henry (ed.). 1824. Original letters, illustrative of English history; including numerous royal letters. Series 1, vol. 1. London: [publisher unknown]. Reprinted 1970 (New York: AMS Press).
Sample 1.1,115.14-1.1,125.11 (39-43) (Penn 1),
1.1,304.6-1.1,305.5 (99) (Penn 2)
mtudor-1510-e1 = Penn 1
mtudor-1520-e1 = Penn 2
Remarks Supplements ebeaum-e1.
Author sister of Henry VIII (henry-e1) and queen of France, not to be confused with his daughter, Mary I, queen of England. After the death of Louis XII, king of France, she married Charles, duke of Suffolk. Mother of Eleanor Clifford, née Brandon (ecumberl-e1).

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