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Author Fitzroy, Mary, née Howard, duchess of Richmond and Somerset
Birthdate b. 1519, m. c1533, d. 1557 (
Filename mhoward-e1
Manuscript Ms. Cotton. Vesp. F. XIII. fol. 75. Orig.
Date of composition 1536
Edition Ellis, Henry (ed.). 1827. Original letters, illustrative of English history; including numerous royal letters. Series 2, vol. 2. London: [publisher unknown]. Reprinted 1970 (New York: AMS Press).
Sample 2.2,83.14-2.2,85.8 (120) (Penn)
Remarks Supplements kscrope-e1.
Author daughter of Thomas Howard, 3rd duke of Norfolk (not to be confused with his father, the author of thoward-e1, or his son, the defendand in thoward2-e2), and wife of Henry Fitzroy, duke of Richmond, illegitimate son of Henry VIII (henry-e1) by Elizabeth Blount.

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