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Author [Charles Brandon,] 1st duke of Suffolk; [Thomas Lord Cromwell,] Lord Privy Seale; Sir William Kingstone; Lord [Robert] Sussex; [Sir William Fitzwilliam,] Lord Admirall; Bishop of Chichester; Bishop of Hereford
Birthdate Brandon: b. 1484, d. 1454;
Cromwell: b. 1485?, d. 1540;
Fitzwilliam: b. 1490, d. 1542 (Encyclopedia Brittanica);
no information available for other authors
Filename marches-e1
Manuscript Chatsw., Clifford Letter Book, fos. 14v-15r.
Date of composition 1537
Edition Hoyle, R.W. (ed.). 1992. Letters of the Cliffords, lords Clifford and earls of Cumberland, c. 1500-c. 1565. Camden Miscellany 31. Camden Fourth Series, vol. 44. London: Offices of the Royal Historical Society.
Sample 107.1-108.2 (58) (Penn)
Remarks Supplements lords-e1.

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