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Author n/a
Birthdate n/a
Filename judall-e2
Manuscript n/a
Date of composition 1590
Edition Hargrave, Francis (ed.). 1776-1781 (4th ed.). A complete collection of state-trials, and proceedings for high-treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours, commencing with the eleventh year of the reign of King Richard II, and ending with the sixteenth year of the reign of King George III, ..., with a new preface, by Francis Hargrave. Vol. 1. London: T. Wright.
Sample 1,171.33-1,178.44 (Penn)
Remarks Supplements raleigh-e2.
See State Trials for more information concerning the editions used.
John Udall (c1560-1592) was a Cambridge-educated Puritan who helped John Penry publish several anticlerical pamphlets and wrote two anti-Anglican tracts of his own. He was arrested, charged with authorship, and sentenced to death; he died in prison shortly after receiving a pardon (

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