Hatton kinship relations

Alice (alhatton2-e3) (b. c1630), sister of Christopher

Anne Montague (montague-e3) (m. 1655, d. 1698), dau. Sir Christoper Yelverton, aunt of Frances Hatton (fhatton-e3) (b. c1640, m. 1676, d. 1684)
= Robert Montague, 3rd earl of Manchester

Charles (chatton-e3) (b. c1635), younger brother of Christoper
= Elizabeth (ehatton2-e3) (b. c1650), née Scroggs, wid. Gilby

Christopher, 1st viscount Hatton of Gretton (b. 1632, d. 1706)
=(1) Cecilia (m. 1667, d. 1672), dau. John Tufton, 2nd earl of Thanet
=(2) Frances (fhatton-e3) (b. c1640, m. 1676, d. 1684), dau. Sir Henry Yelverton
=(3) Elizabeth (ehatton-e3) (b. c1650, m. 1685), dau. Sir William Hazlewood

Children of Sir Christopher Hatton
With Cecilia: Anne (anhatton-e3) (b. 1668)
With Frances: Alice (alhatton-e3) (b. between 1676 and 1684)

Mary (mhatton-e3) (b. c1630), sister of Christopher