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Author Grey, Cecily, née Bonvile, marchioness of Dorset, later countess of Wiltshire (
Birthdate b. 1461, d. 1529
Filename grey-e1
Manuscript Ms. Cotton. Vesp. F. XIII. fol. 91. Orig.
Date of composition 1523
Edition Ellis, Henry (ed.). 1824. Original letters, illustrative of English history; including numerous royal letters. Series 1, vol. 1. London: [publisher unknown]. Reprinted 1970 (New York: AMS Press).
Sample 1.1,218.20-1.1,219.20 (78) (Penn)
Remarks Supplements kscrope-e1.
Author daughter of Lord William Bonville. Married twice, first to Sir Thomas Grey, marquis of Dorset, and then to Henry Stafford, earl of Wiltshire. The letter in the corpus was written during her first marriage.

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