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Author Hatton, Elizabeth, née Scroggs, widowed Gilby
Birthdate b. c1650
Filename ehatton2-e3
Manuscript Brit. Mus. Additional Mss. 29,548-29,596
Date of composition 1690
Edition Thompson, Edward Maunde (ed.). 1878. Correspondence of the family of Hatton, being chiefly letters addressed to Christopher, first Viscount Hatton. A.D. 1601-1704. Vol. 2. Camden Society, N.S. vol. 23. Westminster: Nichols.
Sample 2,152.20-2,154.18 (Penn 1),
2,158.6-2,158.28 (Penn 2)
Remarks Supplements alhatton-e3.
Author daughter of Sir Williams Scroggs (Thompson 1878:152, fn. a), but her birthname is given as Gilby (Thompson 1878:261). Not to be confused with Lady Elizabeth Hatton, third wife of Sir Christopher Hatton (ehatton-e3). For more information, see Hatton kinship relations.
Thompson 1878:152, fn. a remarks that "[h]er letters are illiterate, even for that age, for one in her position."

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