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Author Hatton, Alice (see Remarks)
Birthdate b. c1630
Filename alhatton2-e3
Manuscript Brit. Mus. Additional Mss. 29,548-29,596
Date of composition 1687
Edition Thompson, Edward Maunde (ed.). 1878. Correspondence of the family of Hatton, being chiefly letters addressed to Christopher, first Viscount Hatton. A.D. 1601-1704. Vol. 2. Camden Society, N.S. vol. 23. Westminster: Nichols.
Sample Exhaustive sample.
63.1-66.13 (Penn)
Remarks Supplements alhatton-e3.
There are three Alice Hattons. The first, Lady Hatton, is Sir Christopher Hatton's grandmother. The second, the author of these letters, is his sister. The third (alhatton-e3) is his daughter by his second marriage (Thompson 1878, vol. 2, 240, fn. a) and is distinguished from the other two by the middle initial E. For more information, see Hatton kinship relations.

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