LING521 - Spring 2017

1. Lexicon/Phonology/Phonetics

The first section of the course will deal with the problem of "allophonic variation" in segmental phonology and phonetics.

We will undertake a couple of joint exercises in classification and measurement, both to explore concepts and issues, and to learn techniques. A brief overview of the theoretical issues can be found in

Mark Liberman, "Towards Progress in Theories of Language Sound Structure", in Shaping Phonology (Festschrift for John Goldsmith, forthcoming)

Our first class exercise will look at realizations of the final consonant cluster in the word "don't" in versions of the calibration sentence "Don't ask me to carry an oily rag like that" in the TIMIT corpus, representing one sub-case of the phenomenon misleadingly called "t/d deletion".

We'll also look at allophonic variation in syllable-final /s/ in Spanish.

Some relevant background reading:

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Neville Ryant and Mark Liberman, "Large-scale analysis of Spanish /s/-lenition using audiobooks", ICA 2016

2. Semantics/Syntax//Phonology/Prosody

The second segment of the course will look at a case where it's less clear what the lexicon/morphology/phonology side of the issue is.

This involves several topics, each of which has hundreds if not thousands of relevant publications, from a wide variety of perspectives. The links below are meant to lay out a range of relevant ideas that is explicitly not complete, representative, or endorsed.

Background reading:

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